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How To Care for Your Natural Hair and Scalp While Wearing Braids

How To Care for Your Natural Hair and Scalp While Wearing Braids

If you’re planning to kick off your Hot Curl Summer with a fly braided style, then join the club! Though wearing a braided style is perfect for any time of the year, the one thing you need to make sure of while slaying the day is that you are properly taking care of both your scalp and natural hair while in your style. And while there are different ways that you can do that, here are four main tips you’ll need to care for your hair best while wearing braids.

Moisturize your scalp.

As with any style that you choose to wear, moisture is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair and keeping your braids intact. To help keep the moisture flowing, you can opt for one of our Natural Growth Oil Blends, the Wake Up Refresher Spray, or the Butter Creme — Intensive Moisture Sealant.

You can wash your hair, but only if you’re OK with frizz.

If you plan to keep your braids in for four to six weeks, you may find yourself skipping a wash day or two. Though some people prefer not to wash while they have their hair braided, it is totally fine to do it. Just keep in mind that your wash should only include you softly rubbing your scalp. And, after you’re done, your hair may be a little frizzier than it was before you chose to wash it.

Protect your scalp if you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time.

Planning a day at the beach or out sightseeing? Cover your scalp up with a scarf or hat if so. Since your scalp will be more exposed than usual with all of the parts from your braids, it’s important that you properly take care of your scalp so as not to damage it from the heat.

Be sure to wrap your hair at night.

Wrapping your hair at night can help keep your hair healthy, too. Not only will wearing a silk bonnet or scarf and/or sleeping on a silk pillowcase keep your hair from drying out, but it will also help keep your edges from breaking off by reducing friction. Doing this can also prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, too.

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