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8 ways to minimize frizz

8 ways to minimize frizz

Regardless of your hair type, we can all agree that frizz can be absolutely frustrating. And while we don’t want to live with it, it seems impossible to live without it. Until now that is. Check out these eight ways to minimize frizz.

Remember that you need your natural oils.

In order to get your curls in check, it may be tempting to wash your hair multiple times a week. If you’re looking to stop frizz, however, you may need to think that over. Shampooing your hair day after day can strip your hair of its natural oils and in turn, cause your strands to frizz up. Instead, reduce your washing to every three days, once a week, or even bi-weekly depending on your lifestyle and hair type. For those days in between when your hair needs to be revived, co-wash with the Purify Me Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser.

Apply your product in the shower.

It’s no secret that your hair yields the best results when your product is applied on wet hair, but doing this can also help you to eliminate frizz. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply the Quench Moisture Intensive Leave-In — paying close attention to your ends — followed by the products of your choice.

Avoid touching or brushing your hair.

Instead of using a brush to help detangle or get your curls in order, opt to use your fingers or a wide tooth comb once you’ve applied the Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy. It’s important to remember that brushing your hair while it’s wet (and even dry!) can cause breakage — which will ultimately lead to frizz. Likewise, continuously touching or playing in your hair throughout the day can cause frizz, too.

Use a pomade.

Depending on the type of pomade you choose to use, they can be very helpful with combating frizz and even keep humidity at bay, too. Just remember to use your pomade of choice sparingly as a little usually goes a long way.

Try using a diffuser to help your hair dry.

Most curly cuties find that their frizz problems begin to occur once their hair is in the drying phase after styling. If you’ve had this problem and you have looser curls, then using a diffuser to dry your hair after your style will help. For those with tighter curls, opt for a hooded dryer instead.

Stay away from stressors that can make your hair frizzy.

Did you know that your lifestyle choices can also be a cause of your frizzy mane? Smoking, drinking excessively, having too much caffeine, and eating a lot of processed foods can all have an effect on the frizz level of your hair.

Never use a towel to dry your hair.

If you’re still using a regular towel to dry your hair, stop it now. Regular towels can be harsh on your hair and cause breakage. Split ends can also occur when you use these types of towels. Instead, get a microfiber towel to cut down on both frizz and drying time.

Stop skipping the trims.

We know. Keeping up with your trims can be bothersome, but we promise you it’ll be worth it when you’re walking around with a head full of healthy and luscious hair. Split ends are the precursors to having frizzy hair, so be sure to get your regular trims.

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