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Should I be Using Mousse on my Hair?

Mousse — or setting foam to some — has grown in popularity with the natural hair community over the years. Although there are plenty of curly cuties that choose to use mousse — like our Frizz Patrol Anti-Poof Twist & Curl Setting Mousse — on their tresses, there are still some out there that aren’t sure if mousse is even something that they should or could use on their mane. After today though, that will no longer be a question. Here’s how to know if using a mousse will be right for you.

First, mousse is a buildable product.

Most mousses nowadays are different than those of the past. Long gone are the days that every mousse you use leaves your hair crunchy and stiff. Now, mousse is easy to apply, can provide good coverage and hold on its own or serve as the base to other products being built on top of it.

If you’re looking for definition and a light hold in one, mousse could work for you.

Most people don’t think of mousse as their go-to product when searching for definition and hold, but with the right product, you can get that. From a wash and go to a twist out, mousse can help you achieve the look you’re going for without compromising hold. And while you can use it to re-do a twist out on dry hair or touch up the definition of your curl pattern, mousse is not really a product to use if you need to replenish your moisture day-to-day.

Be sure to choose the right mousse for your hair type.

If you have wavy or Type 1 or wavy hair, finding a lightweight foam or mousse can help you to achieve your desired style. For those with Type 2 or Type 3 hair, however, a denser mousse may be more beneficial to your tresses. Since it’s imperative that those with Type 4 hair pack on the moisture, the foam should be applied after your moisture foundation has been built. Luckily for AJ fans though, the Frizz Patrol Anti-Poof Twist & Curl Setting Mousse was created for all hair types and textures.

If moisture is your main priority though, mousse may not be right for you.

If your hair is prone to chronic dryness or happens to dry out quickly, then using mousse for your hair may not be the best option for you. Instead, try using the LOC Method to deliver the moisture and look that your hair is in need of.

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