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How to Properly Detangle Your Hair

Everyone knows how to detangle their hair, right? Not quite. In case you were wondering whether or not you were compromising the health of your hair to eliminate your tangles, here are a few steps that we suggest to help you detangle correctly.

Use the right tools.

When detangling your hair, it’s important that you use the right tools so that you do not cause breakage. A wide-tooth comb or detangling brush is the best tool to use when going through your hair.

Never detangle dry.

Another important thing to note when detangling your curls is that it should not be done on dry hair. Lightly spray your hair with water or use the Knot On My Watch — Instant Detangling Therapy to detangle with ease.

Do so in sections.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to detangle your hair would be to do it in sections. Though they don’t need to be small sections, you want to ensure that they are a manageable size so that you do not miss any portion or cause tension while combing out.

Start at the ends and work your way up.

When detangling your hair, be sure to start at the ends of your sections and work your way up. This will ensure that you are not damaging or breaking your hair off and helps you to hit each tangle along the way. After you’ve gotten the tangles out, run through each section to ensure that nothing was missed.

Do it before you wash and as the conditioner sits.

Detangling prior to washing your hair can help you tremendously when shampooing. Since you may develop a few tangles while shampooing though, one way to make the styling process easier would be to detangle again when conditioning. Not only does it cut down on the detangling effort before applying product, but it also helps to evenly distribute your conditioner.

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