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6 Ways to Use Aunt Jackie's Soft All Over Oil

With all the different oils on the market, it’s not surprising that many naturalistas have found one for every part of their body. And while it may not be a big of a deal to have five or 10 oils to use for moisturizing your hair and skin, wouldn’t it be much better to just have one? Although you’re probably thinking that have one oil is just impossible (especially the 4c crew), we’re here to prove you totally wrong with Aunt Jackie’s Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil.

What’s better than one Aunt Jackie’s product? One that you can use in multiple ways, of course. Here are six ways to use your next bottle.

As a hot oil treatment.

Although Aunt Jackie’s has plenty of natural growth oils to use if you’re in need of a hot oil treatment, if you happen to already have the Soft All Over oil already, you can use that for your treatment, too.Just apply from roots to end and cover with a plastic cap. And, if you didn’t know, hot oil treatments can help repair your hair in ways such as adding your natural shine back, eliminate frizz and helping to reverse those dry and brittle strands.

As a daily hair oil.

If your hair texture falls between the 3a and 4c types, using this oil daily can be great for your tresses. Lightweight and nourishing, Soft All Over can be a daily moisturizer for any style you create – including projective styles.

As a bath oil.

In need of a relaxing bath after a long day at work? Don’t forget you can use the Soft All Over oil in your bath water, too. Just add ¼ cap full into warm bath water.

As a skin moisturizer.

It’s no secret that shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil are great to use as skin moisturizers and since they are found in the Soft All Over oil, it should be no surprise that you can use it for that, too. Also included are grapeseed oil, ginseng, and flaxseed – which can all provide nourishing agents as well. And the best part? It’s lightweight so it won’t clog your pores – even if you use it on your face.

As a hair sealant.

Preparing for wash day and need a good oil to add to you L.O.C. (liquid, oil, cream) method? Soft All Over is a great option for 3a to 4c curly cuties to help lock in that moisture.

As a cuticle oil.

Whether you know it or not, your nails – just like the rest of your body – need to be moisturized, too. Apply Soft All Over to help moisturize your cuticles back to life and provide an extra barrier on top of your DIY manicure so that it can last a few extra days.

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