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6 Tips to Get the Most out of your Deep Conditioning Process

Deep conditioning your hair is a process that is very much needed. Whether you choose to do it every week or opt to do it bi-weekly, it’s something that should not be skipped. If you’re looking for the best way to get the most out of your deep conditioning process, check out these six tips.

Let it sit.

Unlike regular conditioners, deep conditioners should sit on your hair anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. But be careful, leaving your deep conditioner in for an elongated period of time too often can cause you to over-condition your hair. And as a result, you can cause your hair to become weak and fragile.

Do it regularly.

If you’re not deep conditioning your hair regularly, you should definitely start. Although “regular” depends on your wash routine, you can start off trying it every week. If your hair begins to fill limp or weak, try spacing it out to every two or three weeks. Hair that is deep conditioned regularly will become more manageable, less prone to breakage, softer, and encounter less frizz. The Coco Repair — Deep Conditioner is one of the best to have handy.

Make sure it has all the right ingredients.

As with all of your products, you want to ensure that the ingredients in them are the right ones. Depending on what your hair is need of will tell you what type of ingredients you should be looking for. For example, if you need extra moisture, searching for oils, butters or humectants like glycerin, honey, agave, and panthenol within the first seven ingredients will be helpful. Our Rescued! Thirst Quenching Recovery Conditioner can be a great deep conditioner to look into for that.

Add steam.

Take your deep conditioning to the next step by throwing on a plastic cap and adding some steam to your routine. Adding heat or steam to your deep conditioning routine can make your hair softer and add a moisture boost. This process also gently lifts your cuticle and improves elasticity.

Apply correctly.

Unlike shampooing, regular conditioning and deep conditioning requires you to focus on the ends of your hair instead of your scalp. By focusing on your ends, you allow them to absorb your deep conditioner and help prevent your hair from breakage and splitting. Your ends need more attention then you’re probably giving them and deep conditioning can help with that.

Don’t try to make it multi-use.

Deep conditioners are not supposed to be used as a co-wash or as a leave-in. Although they can provide an enjoyable feeling to your tresses, if applied in the wrong manner, it can actually do more harm to your hair than you think. The primary function of deep conditioners are to stick to your hair so if you are applying it daily as a leave-in or using it as a co-wash, it can actually cause build up on your scalp. And no one wants that.

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