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Find Out How “Soft All Over” Can Take Your Life to the Next Life

Find Out How “Soft All Over” Can Take Your Life to the Next Life

Although many naturalists have their preference when it comes to what oils they use on their hair and skin, the thought of having so many different ones can easily become overwhelming. That’s why finding one multi-purpose oil (that actually works) to accomplish all of your needs can be helpful. While that may seem a bit impossible due to the letdown you’ve encountered from other oils on the market that claim to do everything you need, Aunt Jackie’s Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil actually holds up to what it pushes out. And, the best part is that those with hair types 1A to 4C and all skin types can use it without worry.

Here are four benefits of using our Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil,

It can serve as a hot oil treatment.

Though Aunt Jackie’s has a list of natural oils to choose from to help you with your hot oil treatment needs, if you happen to be running low or notice that you’re completely out of your preferred choice, you can use the Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil instead. Like your other oils, just apply from root to end, cover with a plastic cap, and let sit before rinsing out and washing your hair.

It can be used from head to toe.

Unlike many other oils on the market, our Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil can be used from head to toe…literally. Whether you need to use it as a sealant for your style, to add moisture to your scalp, or to apply to your nail cuticles, it is truly a multi-purpose product. And, you can also use it to moisturize your body, too.

It can be used to remove your makeup.

If you’ve heard about double cleansing, then you know that it consists of first using oil to help remove your dirt and makeup before using a gentle face wash. Since the Multi-Purpose Oil is one that doesn’t clog pores and includes carrier and essential oils such as coconut, jojoba, and grapeseed as well as shea butter and ginseng, your face will be left feeling moisturized, invigorated, and nourished.

It can help you relax.

Since the Soft All Over Multi-Purpose Oil includes a number of carrier and essential oils that are known for their beneficial properties for the skin, it makes sense to want to throw some of it into your bath water after a long day of work. If you’ve considered it, just add ¼ cap into your warm bath water and soak off the stress of the day.

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